Wednesday, February 02, 2005

10,588 Illinois companies removed 167,023 jobs

10,588 Illinois companies have taken advantage of the H1-B program to remove 167,023 jobs across the state during 2001 and July 2003 alone. Within Chicago, 4,752 companies have removed 76,734 jobs from the local job market via the H1-B program during the same period.

The H1-B program gives the power to corporations to reserve, exclude and remove jobs from the domestic job market via a form called the Labor Condition Application (LCA). It is the pre-condition for applying to receive a visa for a citizen from abroad but it is not identical to hiring an H1-B visa holder.

Once the Department of Labor (DOL) approves the LCA, corporations can circumvent federal hiring guidelines. Once the job is removed, no citizen, green card holder, or even the undocumented can qualify. Only citizens from abroad can compete for these positions.

The Department of Labor is required to make all of these requests to remove a job from the domestic market public. By filing a job in this database, the DOL assumes that companies have previously advertised to fill this position. However, no documentation showing that these steps were taken is required in order to remove the job.

You can use this database to see what companies are reserving jobs in your city.

We Americans have a history of using laws to discriminate in hiring. Under the Jim Crow era, the Black Codes specified jobs that black men couldn't compete for. However, the Black codes had exceptions.

If a black man could prove that he was qualified for an excluded job, he could present his qualifications to a judge and receive a certification to compete for that job. Under the H1-B program, we don't even have this exception.

Citizens and immigrants should have the right to compete for all jobs in this country. We may not have the qualifications for every job out there, but having the right means, we have the opportunity.

And opportunity is the fuel for aspiring to succeed.


Blogger char said...

The Black Code did however provide an avenue for a freed slave to prove he had the skills necessary to do the job of the White Man. Though I do not know how effective this option was for the freed (?) black man.
My guess is that is was not effective. Ineffective legislation needs to come to an abrupted halt!

Another requirement for the Freed(?) man....The were required to have a 'note' from their boss to enter the town.....Kinda like the indenture slave on NIV that requires employer sponsorship in the form of a H-1B Non-immigrant visa

February 7, 2005 at 8:27 PM  

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