Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Democratic Insiders Listening

I am pleasantly surprised by the messages I have received. I encourage everyone to post here with the details of your circumstances. Why? Because I just spoke with a Democratic insider who is keen to understand our issues and circumstances. He wants to listen to our knowledge and experience and needs to understand what we face.

Government policy is shaped from detailed information.
As you know, this issue hasn't gotten the detailed attention that it requires. At the present time, we have this detailed information in our heads and we can convey some of this rich detail here. Otherwise, we will wait years for foundations to realize that they need to fund researchers to study us to tell politicians how to address our circumstances.

So let's cut out the middle man, right here on this blog.

When you post to this blog, you are the star and your story is unique. Pack your sentences with names, dates, and figures. This will help some of the Democratic insiders understand us.

Politicians think differently than we do. They see specific examples and extrapolate from there. We tend to organize our thoughts by understanding the general and then boring down to the specific.

So instead of writing, " I worked for a company in southern CA..." try to this:
I'm a systems programmer with a Masters in Computer Science, 1992. I worked for Lockhead Martin in Van Eyes, CA from 1995 to 2000....

If you're unsure how to word something and want an editor, send me your post and I'll return it with comments or edits.

I'll change the settings to allow Anonymous posts.

Great jobs, gals and guys. Keep up the good work.


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